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Come and soak up the all year round sunshine, relaxation, sea, beaches, beautiful coral reefs, shipwrecks, diving, snorkelling, tropical marine life, desert camel trips, desert quad biking trips, kitesurfing, Bedouin camps, Golf courses to name but a few.

One of the many relaxing beaches nearbyG-one apartment is situated on the Red Sea Riviera at Nabq close to Sharks Bay between Nabq and Naama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh, Sinai Peninsular, Egypt.

The backdrop to the apartment is the Sinai Mountains in all their splendour. To the front is the Red Sea and Tiran Island on the Gulf of Aqaba. The private beach is a 10 minute walk or a 5 minute shuttle bus.G-one backdrop of the Sinai Mountains @ Sunset

Direct flights into Sharm el Sheikh International Airport operate from most UK airports frequently throughout the year. Easyjet www.easyjet.com  Thomsonfly   http://www.thomsonfly.com  and Thomas Cook www.thomascook.com are amongst a number of airlines operating out to Sharm. The flight is approx 5 hours. Sharm airport is only 15 minutes away from the apartment. Collection to and from the airport can be easily arranged. 

Roof terrace view of Tiran Island   

Sunrise from the terrace over Tiran Island and the Red Sea and later in the day Sunset from the roof top terrace over the Sinai Mountains are an experience not to be missed! 


Things to do:

You may just want to lounge around the pool & terrace, read a book, enjoy a glass of wine or beer & relax, but if not: 

Excursions can be arranged, on site through our admin office using proven companies during your holiday,Off on a quadbiking trip into the Sinai mountains at dusk - great fun to a whole varied number of interesting places & activities including: Quad Biking in the Desert, Snorkeling boat trips, Diving trips, Tiran Island, Ras Mohammed, Dahab & the Blue Hole, Nabq Park, Coloured Canyon, St Katherines Monastry, Mount Sinai, Cairo museum & the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings Luxor.   

Alternatively www.sunnfunsinai.com & gravitysafari_sharm@hotmail.com may be able to help.

Getting around:
Getting around locally is easy. The local Microbus transport - you can stop them anywhereThe local blue & white Microbus transport is so cheap & government price regulated, 4 le (40p) gets you to just about anywhere in the Sharm el Sheikh area. Blue & white taxis are also available, this can be organised for you from our admin office on site or arranged yourself. If you are going to be travelling around a lot whilst on holiday, we have car hire contacts or we can offer an all in transport deal for our guests with our friends Norita & Mohamed on site or email dolfentours@gmail.com

On our doorstep:
Nabq is right on our doorstep:

In Nabq town, do all your supply shopping at Metro supermarket where they will deliver Metro store for all your shopping needsto your door for 4Le (40p), Just across the road is Bacchus market where all your beer, wines & spirits needs are catered for. Short of cash, then no worries, around here are 4 banks with ATM's & The Alhambra Cafe with their friendly stafffacilities for exchanging £'s at good rates. Whilst you are there, within La Strada, enjoy a coffee or a fresh mango juice and one of the best Sheesha pipes on sinai at Alhambra Cafe. Then if you wish, do a little tourist shopping in any one of several great gift shops for all your souvenirs & presents for your loved one's. If you prefer a STARBUCKS then enjoy a coffee out in the sunshine & if you have your lap top with you and wish to use it you have a free wireless connection here.

In the evening, La Strada comes alive with some great places to eat, drink, club or justThe superb On-Fish restaurant chill out over a coffee & Sheesha. The Peking restaurant is fantastic, good food & great air conditioned atmosphere. On-Fish restaurant do some great fish food in a brilliant restaurant with all your other favourites, and will deliver a takeaway back home for you for about 5Le (50p) if you prefer - you see, you Why not have a McDonald takeaway delivered to your door?can still have your fish n chips if you prefer! The Sea Horse restaurant upstairs in the AL-KAHN shopping promenade offers some great food. If your preference is a McDonalds then look no further. McDonalds will deliver to your door for approx 5Le (50p) if you prefer. Before you do though, above McDonalds is the McDonalds restaurant with the trendy Malibu Bar abovevery trendy Malibu Bar where you can enjoy a drink & relax on beds & huge relaxing sofa's to some great music. Maybe it's TGI Fridays & Kentucky Fried Chicken, you prefer or The Hard Rock Cafe - then look no further. You could also have a look in "the great British Pub" if that is your desire, located underneath a night club. Drinks, Sheesha & all round good fun with some friendly locals at The Alhambra CafeOn a Saturday evening & other selected evenings during the week, local dancing is performed in the La Strada square. The Alhambra Cafe serves us well here as it's location is right by the square so take a drink & a Sheesha and enjoy the entertainment.

From G-one A short walk towards the sea reveals views to Tiran Island and a number of private beaches, kept to a good standard with use of amenities available for the low cost of a brolly, beds and towels. We have a special deal with Sea Club, The fantastic Sharks Dusk on Shark's bay beach - the peace & tranquility at this special time of day is unbelievableBay and Regency where for £2.50 per day, we can deliver you, use all the facilities on offer including sunbeds & towels, snorkelling etc and then collect you at the end of the day or if you prefer, stay and enjoy the colours over the Red Sea as The sun goes down behind the Night Club - it won't be long until you can Club the night away until sunrise!the sun sets, Have a fantastic meal on the beach at The Umbi Fish Restaurant then catch a taxi back or end up clubbing at the new sound proofed Night Club & stay there for sun up? Kite surfing in Nabq is amazing with about 2 square km of shallow flat water with sandy bottom...this is the perfect place for beginners, improvers & experts alike.

Subject to availability, why not hire a bike & enjoy the Red Sea CoastSubject to availability we can usually offer mountain bike hire for £2 per day, why not explore the beautiful Red Sea coastline, stop for a light refreshment , do a little shopping or bike down to the Nabq protectorate?

A water park is available for kids at La Strada in Nabq within easy reach at the Park InnLocal Aqua park opposite Radisson SAS. This is open to the public at a reasonable charge and is a good one, & features one of the most impressive Aqua Parks, the Aqua Bast with slides, pools for adults and children, wave pool and many more facilities.
We will shortly be able to offer a water park for use on our doorstep.

Tennis courts are available nearby at and will shortly be available on our doorstep.
Several places to do your supply shopping are available within easy reach by microbus in Nabq at La Strada

Nabq National Park:Nabq National Park
Nabq National Park is the biggest in the Sinai. It was declared a protected area in 1992 and attached to Ras Mohammed National Park. Overlooking the Bay of Aquaba, opposite Tiran Island, the coast of the park is full with coral barrier reefs and is populated with gulls, ospreys and herons. Inland the landscape is distinguished by desert and dunes covered by small bushes and populated with gazelles, ibices and various species of insect.Mangroves in Nabq
Spreading along more than four kilometers (two-and-a-half miles) of the shoreline, Nabq contains the largest mangroves forest in Sinai. These plants are a true wonder of nature, as they manage to purify seawater from its salt with its roots, and expel the unwanted salt from the back of its leaves. That way they live without eroding the coastline by preventing residues from reaching the soil.By boat through the Mangroves
The mangroves’ shallow water also provides shelter to all kinds of marine life, big and small, where they come to place their eggs. And above water, birds use their branches to nest, as their location is convenient due to their closeness to a rich source of food.Mangrove Tree
Among the
Birds that live or pass through the area
during migrations are herons, ospreys and storks. Other wild animals living in the oasis include foxes, hyenas and gazelles, among others.
Local population – mainly consisting of Bedouin fishermen - reaches its height during the migration season of snappers, when they move from the Gulf of Aqaba to the warmer waters of Ras Mohamed to mate.
One of Nabq’s interesting sights is the Maria Schroeder wreck. Sinking back in 1965 along the coral reefs, the Maria Schroeder is a proof of how dangerous this region is for boats.The wreck of the Maria Schröder, ran aground on the reef in 1997
Local fishermen living in the area inhabit these primitive huts built out of wood and palms, make their living by fishing, Water level view of The Maria Schröder fixing their nets and preparing dried fish. So in an effort to help develop the local Bedouin community, the Park’s authorities have set up the first aquaculture project, breeding shrimps in large tanks, to provide stable jobs for the resident Bedouins.

For the Snorkelers:The beautiful Lion Fish - so graceful & best left alone
Snorkel to your heart's content anywhere along the red sea coast. The coral and marine life under the water is absolutely stunning. Even just wading in the shallows with a simple mask looking under reveals a whole new world. Two Masked Butterfly Fish just underneath the surface in Sharks BayWhen the sea is calm enough on the coral, swim over to the deep with a snorkel, mask & fins and experience something totally different, what you will see you will never forget in a million years.
Snorkelling trips can be organised from G-one to many places including Tiran Island, where you will have an enjoyable boat trip, lunch on board and and several opportunities to snorkel in several places.

For the divers amongst you:
Pete, on his trial dive to 12 metres Sept 08. A fantastic experience not to be missed.We can organise diving trips to suit varying needs through our resident friends Sarah & Simon wrighsar@hotmail.com whoNemo and stunningly beautiful Coral are offering preferential rates for us and any of our guests through AQUARIUS DIVING CLUB
www.aquariusredsea.com . Opposite us, in the Straits of Tiran, several Coral reefs can be seen and visited between the beaches & Tiran Island namely Jackson, Gordon, Woodhouse & Thomas. On Gordon Reef can be seen quite prominently, the shipwreck of Loullia, a Russion barge. Turtle - as seen on a regular basis during dives in the Red Sea
The shipwreck Million Hope can easily be dived from here, visible from the Nabq coastline on the edge of the shore coral where it goes deep.
The shipwrecks Carina, Dunraven, Kingston & Thistlegorm are all accessible from this area allbeit some drive or boat trip to get to the dive sites.


A wreck of a different kind:the wreck of a PBY-5/BuNo. 48397 sea plane
Just the other side of Tiran Island on Saudi Arabia soil is the wreck of a PBY-5/BuNo. 48397 sea plane run on to the beach reef, while under machine-gun fire from Bedouins on Mar. 22, 1960, and was abandoned with 300 bullet holes in the fuselage. This can be seen from some boat trips.

For you Kitesurfers:Kitesurfing off the beach in Nabq
The new Kitesurfing resort is amazing with about 2 square km of shallow flat water with sandy bottom...this is the perfect place for beginners, improvers and experienced alike  www.planetkitesurf.com The wind is cross on shore and super consistent making for one of the most ideal and safest learner spots in the world! The best wind is between January and May with a steady 20 knots blowing most morning between 0800 and 1400. kitesurfing courses and equipment rentals are available at this best kitesurfing spot. Check the sport out here: www.kitesurfingschool.org
The main bay offers flat shallow water, Heaven - Kite surfers beach in Nabqperfect for beginners and improvers or the more advanced riders looking for super easy conditions to practice new tricks.
A short distance to the North of the centre, accessible from land or by riding upwind is a great WAVE SPOT in a bay with waves rolling in to a shore break. Maybe not a real wave spot, but very different from what you are used to in Egypt, and a nice playground for the advanced rider.

For you Golfers:
Only 15 minutes drive or microbus journey away, there is a par 72 PGA championship golf course (6021 m) opened in 1997 par 72 PGA championship golf course nearbydesigned by American architect Sansford & Associates. There are 4 sets of tees available to satisfy This is the one for a birdieall levels of golfers as well as a double - ended driving range, 2 large putting greens and a 3 hole short game area. What better than to enjoy your golf in guaranteed all year round sunshine with a beach nearby.

Sea fishing trips from a boat can be organised locally. Our admin office will advise at any time.

You can go quad biking into the Sinai desert. You can go camel trekking by the sea or into the Sinai mountains.Sunset trip into the Desert

Don’t miss the sunset and the moon rise over the red sea from the cliff top open air Sunset at the Sadiki CafeSidiki Café at Hadiba.




Moon Rise 

 e mail g-oneredsea@uwclub.net